23 OCT

Sign Up for Otis Fiber Today!

  • Published 2017-10-23

We are very happy to announce that you can now submit your application for Otis Fiber high-speed internet service, powered by Whip City Fiber. Initial planning has been underway for some time and finally we’re ready for folks to get in line. Pilot area construction is scheduled to begin by December 1. High-speed internet (1 gigabit upload and download) is $69.95 a month and we offer phone service too. Sign up today and get ready for wicked fast internet from Otis Fiber!

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11 APR

What's New with Otis Fiber?

  • Published 2017-04-11

Otis is excited about Otis Fiber. Why? It’s the fastest internet service around and it’s powered by Whip City Fiber. It’s also a great tool for advancing economic stimulus and increasing property values that will benefit everyone who lives and works here.

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