Exciting Times for Otis!

  • Published 2018-02-02

As of January 30, our subcontractor Sertex has started running the fiber backbone down Pine Road to begin our pilot section. We hope to start lighting up homes in this area starting the beginning of March.

We request that all residents fill out an application so we can determine who is interested in internet service. Otis residents have three choices for service:

1.    Sign me up for the $69.95/month service for 1gb up and 1 gb down. This is approximately 1,000 times faster than current DSL service

2.    Please bring fiber to my home but I am not ready to commit to service. If you are not going to sign up for service, this is the recommended selection as initially the Town will pay to bring the fiber to your home. If you do not select this option and want fiber at a later date you will have to pay to be connected.

3.    I do not want to have fiber to my home.

When you begin an application, you will type in your street number and your address should appear in the drop down. Please click on the matching address and it should pop into the block. You will then click on the green block to the right. If you do not see an application appear you have an error. If you are having issues, please call 413-297-8135 or go down to the Town Hall and see if Lisa can help you. Determining the number of subscribers is essential in helping us determine our costs.

As for dates on when the rest of the phases will be hooked up, we are currently waiting on Verizon to give us approval. They are significantly behind and we are working with them and the Governor’s office to get the process moving more quickly. Once we get dates from them we can more accurately predict when we will be able to move forward.